The “Pinocchio Villa” In Italy Is On The Market

Villa Collodi Pinocchio

It was at this beautiful villa that fairy tale writer, Carlo Collodi spent his childhood. This is where the idea of Pinocchio was born: the world’s most famous marionette. Villa Garzoni in Collodi, well known as “Pinocchio’s villa” or of the “hundred windows” with its fabulous and charming beauty will remain as one of the most precious memories in the writer’s lifetime.

What’s the costing price? 19 million Euros. The added value to this exceptional real estate complex is the fable of Pinocchio that attracts thousands of people from all over the world to Collodi each year: the visit to villa Garzoni along with the park of Pinocchio makes up the itinerary dedicated to the famous wooden marionette.

Built in 1600 consolidated on a great medieval force, the villa consists of 5 levels for a total of 3,032 meters squared of interior, with 40 bedrooms. In the interior, the main rooms are decorated with plaster and fresco, among those some of remarkable importance due to the artist Angelo Michele Colonna (finished in 1652). There is a posterior gallery, which is accessed through a big stairway, with fresco decorations.

Villa Collodi Pinocchio

The Italian villa, partially restored, is located in an elevated position compared to the landscape surround it, while two stair sections and big steps connect it to the monumental garden put on the side. It is about one the most spectacular and scenographic Italian baroque gardens that can compete not only with the biggest parks of Italy (Villa D’Este, Boboli, Reggia di Caserta) but also with those Europeans such as Versailles, Fontainbleau and the great Schonbrunn of Vienna. The garden was created around 1650 by the lucchese architect Diodati for the Roman marquees Garzoni and completed in a range of 170 years and more generati ons. In the margins of the historic garden, open to the public, was created in 2007 the Butterfly House, where hundreds of tropical and equatorial butterflies live.

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