Getting Your Beauty Sleep With JuveRest

JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle PillowWe underestimate the importance of a great pillow. After all, sleeping is the most important part of our day/night. We need our beauty sleep and the right kind of beauty sleep depends entirely on your mattress and pillow. LATF was introduced to JuveRest® The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow, which prevents the one thing fancy creams, Botox or even plastic surgery can’t fix: sleep wrinkles!

Designed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is an easy-to-use, non-invasive solution to help minimize wrinkles caused by facial compression from pillow contact during sleep. Although there are special grooves for resting on your side, for full impact rest, we recommend simply sleeping face up.
The Benefits

– Helps prevent and reduce sleep wrinkles

– Encourages sleep positions that reduce damage to facial skin

– Promotes correct neck and back anatomical alignment

– Multi-patented design for women and men of any age to maintain a youthful appearance

– Open structure allows efficient air circulation, keeping you cooler at night

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