First Look: Royksopp and Robyn “Do It Again”

Sound familiar? Madonna? Röyksopp and Robyn premiere their anxiously awaited video for the title track from their critically acclaimed mini album, Do It Again today on VEVO.  The video for “Do It Again” was shot in Mexico by award-winning Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah. The short film is called “Our Hearts’ Desires” and is set in an unspecified era where a revolution is in the making.

It tells the story of desire, ecstasy and forbidden love.  Says de Thurah, “‘Do It Again’ feels like it’s an unstoppable pop mantra of something out of hand. A spiraling hypnotic maelstrom. The video touches ‘our hearts’ desires’:  deep passions; revolutions full of hope and excitement; a dream of freedom; obsession; the ecstasy and escapism; the darkness. And it ends in a mix of violence and laughter, freedom and the loss of free will. All of this somehow ends on a note of hope through struggle. Something worth fighting for. Do it again.”

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