Yet Another iPhone Upgrade: Is Bigger Better?

Apple iPhone 6Sources within Apple have leaked the company’s intentions to manufacture the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen. Upon the newest model’s launch in the Fall, customers can expect a gargantuan 4.7 and 5.5 inch display–the 5S model is only 4 inches.

Prices aside, buying the iPhone 6 might require a deeper pocket.

The new Apple design will be competing with a smartphone market trending to a measurement contest. Samsung‘s leading product, the Galaxy S5, has a 5.1 inch screen and their Galaxy Note 3 is closer to a tablet at 5.7.

The iPhone is Apple’s bread and butter. According to a Bloomberg report, iPhone sales grossed $91 billion last year in global revenue–more than the total sales of Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo, and Twitter. The same Bloomberg report noted that 40 percent of Android capable smartphones purchased in China featured screens 5 inches or larger. Consumers are increasingly gravitated towards larger displays.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is under pressure to expand the company’s inventory. Innovation has stagnated since the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. Perhaps customers are disappointed with the ritual “upgrades” in iPhone models; a far cry from their game-changing performance year-in and year-out of the previous decade. Cook must appease eager Apple loyalists growing impatient.

Reports have indicated the much anticipated Apple “smartwatch” will launch this Fall. When it hits stores, faith in the company’s ability to construct and alter the plans of its competition could restore.

Apple’s plan to enlargen screen display is both a reality check and sign of weakness. The move is reactionary, not innovative. They still dominate the smartphone landscape, but Samsung led this particular industry development. How much longer will Apple continue its reign? It took one well-located arrow to kill the god-like Achilles.

By Kyle Edwards

Photo Above Is Apple’s Latest Model 5S, Apple

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