Worldwide Launch of Second Screen App “Layzapp”

iPad LayzappAfter the successfull launch of the tablet beta version in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in April 2014, the second screen app called Layzapp is now available for free for smartphones and tablets worldwide. The app provides its users with detailed real-time information around every game of the football World Cup in Brazil, such as statistics, scores and player profiles by scoreradar ( – and much more. Layzapp gathers relevant articles, Facebook posts, videos and more from the web; all you have to do is download the app and tune in.

Thanks to the integration of Twitter, users can exchange opinions around the ongoing games. Any content seen via Layzapp can be shared through the native sharing function or bookmarked to be read later.

The interactive game “The Loudest Fans” ( allows fans to cheer for their favorite soccer team. Fans are encouraged to cheer as loud as possible for five seconds until a selfie is taken automatically. Meanwhile, a real-time graph displays the cheering volume and the equivalent score that they earn for their favourite team.

Meanwhile, Layzapp plans to go big: “We plan to release other interesting features in the near future and also cover TV stations from all over the world,” says Lukas Hotz, co-founder and CEO of Layzapp. “With the current Layzapp version we intend to make the TV experience more exciting and keep sports fans updated at all times.”

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