Donald Sterling Speaks Out With Anderson Cooper

Video Courtesy CNN

In an exclusive interview 12 days after his NBA ban, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling sits down with Anderson Cooper on his CNN show “AC360” at 8 p.m. ET Monday. This is the first time Sterling has spoken on air since the controversy surrounding a recorded conversation with A. Stiviano; accusing the 80 year-old of being a racist.

On Ryan Seacrest’s KISSFM morning show, Cooper explained that Sterling spoke about most everything, including the fact that he hopes he can bounce back from this controversy. Immediately after the interview, Sterling sat in front of the TV to watch a Clippers game.

80 year-old said Sterling said, “Am I entitled to one mistake, after 35 years? I love my league — it’s a terrible mistake and I’ll never do it again.”

Cooper asked later in the interview why Sterling waited so long to apologize. His response, “I’m so emotionally distraught. The reason it’s very hard for me is that I’m wrong. I caused the problem.”

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