California Athletes Head To X Games Austin

X Games Austin


58 professional athletes from California are making their way to X Games Austin 2014, which kicks off June 5-8. Many are well-known and accomplished names in their sport and around Hollywood including Paul Rodriguez Jr (son of comedian Paul Rodriguez Sr.), Riley Hawk (son of the famous Tony Hawk), Corey Bohan (Moto X athlete and long-time boyfriend of Audrina Patridge), Tanner Foust (Rally athlete and stunt driver in the Fast & the Furious series) and many others.

ESPN is celebrating 20 years of X Games events their debut in Austin, Texas at the Circuit of Americas. They will be featuring Kanye West, Pretty Lights, The Flaming Lips and many more highly-acclaimed artists.

Meet the California natives represented at X Games Austin 2014 to date…

Name      Age          Hometown               Event

Geoff Aaron                                       41                           Temecula                            Men’s Enduro X

Greg Adler                                          45                           Manhattan Beach            Stadium SUPER Trucks

Wes Agee                                           26                           Temecula                            Moto X Freestyle

Lacey Baker                                        22                           Covina                                  Women’s Skateboard Street

Samarria Brevard                             20                           Riverside                           Women’s Skateboard Street

Jerett Brooks                                     16                           Alpine                                   Stadium SUPER Trucks

Mitchie Brusco                                  17                           Encinitas                             Skateboard Vert, Skateboard Big Air

Curren Caples                                    18                           Ventura                               Skateboard Park

Pat Casey                                            20                           Placentia                              BMX Dirt, BMX Park

Mike Clark                                           26                           Fountain Valley                 BMX Dirt

Lance Coury                                       24                           West Hills                            Moto X Best Whip, Speed & Style

Louis De Los Reyes                          24                           Oxnard                                 Skateboard Real Street

Ricky Dietrich                                     26                           Snohomish                         Men’s Enduro x

Forrest Edwards                               24                           Riverside                             Skateboard Real Street

TJ Ellis                                                    28                           Riverside                             BMX Dirt

Dennis Enarson                                 23                           San Diego                            BMX Dirt, BMX Park, BMX Street

Greyson Fletcher                             23                           San Clemente                    Skateboard Park

James Foster                                     28                           Redlands                             BMX Big Air

Tanner Foust                                     40                           Capistrano Beach             RallyCross

Vicki Golden                                       21                           Menifee                              Moto X Best Whip

Robby Gordon                                  45                           Orange                                 Stadium SUPER Trucks

Colton Haaker                                   24                           Hollister                               Men’s Enduro X

Josh Hansen                                       30                           Murrieta                              Moto X Best Whip, Moto X Step Up

Riley Hawk                                          21                           Carlsbad                               Skateboard Street, Real Street

Bryce Hudson                                    23                           Temecula                            Moto X Step Up

Nyjah Huston                                    19                           Davis                                     Men’s Skateboard Street

Chad Kagy                                           35                           Gilroy                                    BMX Big Air

Chad Kerley                                        20                           San Diego                            BMX Street

Wes Kremer                                       24                           San Diego                            Skateboard Real Street

Jamie Lanza                                        26                           Lake Isabella                      Men’s Enduro X

Justin Lofton                                      28                           Brawley                                Stadium SUPER Trucks

Andy Macdonald                              40                           San Diego                            Skateboard Vert

Billy Marks                                          31                           Corona                                 Real Street

Kacy Martinez                                   23                           Sunol                                     Women’s Enduro X

Rhys Millen                                         41                           San Juan Capistrano        RallyCross

Ryan Nyquist                                     35                           San Jose                               BMX Dirt, BMX Park

Alex Perelson                                    23                           San Diego                            Skateboard Vert

Torey Pudwill                                     24                           Simi Valley                          Men’s Skateboard Street

Kyle Redmond                                  25                           Lake Hughes                      Men’s Enduro X

Tom Remillard                                   23                           San Diego                            Skateboard Park

Dylan Rieder                                      26                           Westminster                      Men’s Skateboard Street

Dakota Roche                                    26                           Huntington Beach            BMX Street

Paul Rodriguez                                  29                           Northridge                          Men’s Skateboard Street

Daniel Sandoval                                19                           Corona                                 BMX Park

Ronnie Sandoval                              17                           San Pedro                           Skateboard Park

Tommy Sandoval                             28                           Chula Vista                          Men’s Skateboard Street

Tom Schaar                                         14                           Cardiff                                  Skateboard Vert, Big Air

Ryan Scheckler                                  24                           San Clemente                    Men’s Skateboard Street

Scott Speed                                        31                           Manteca                              RallyCross

Jeremy Stenberg                             32                           Winchester                         Moto X Best Whip

Tyler Surrey                                        26                           San Diego                            Skateboard Real Street

Gary Sutherlin                                   26                           Bakersfield                         Men’s Enduro X

Morgan Tanke                                   17                           Riverside                             Women’s Enduro X

Mikey Taylor                                      31                           Ventura                               Real Street

Raven Tershy                                     21                           Santa Cruz                           Skateboard Park

Vanessa Torres                                 27                           Silver Lake                           Women’s Skateboard Street

Cody Webb                                        26                           Santa Cruz                           Men’s Enduro X

Gary Young                                         31                           San Diego                            BMX Park


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