Tribeca Spotlight: Corey Stoll Stars In “Glass Chin”

Glass Chin at Tribeca Film Festival

In the narrative competition, “Glass Chin,” directed by Noah Buschel is seeing its world premiere screenings at Tribeca Film Festival.

Bud ‘The Saint’ Gordon (Corey Stoll) once had it all-a nice apartment, fame, public love and admiration-but a quick jab to the chin wiped that slate. Now living in a dingy studio with no business, no fans and no purpose except to help train an up-and-coming boxer, Bud longs for his former Manhattan glory. With promises of restoring his shattered image and ego, he makes a deal with JJ (Billy Crudup), a crooked restaurateur.

But as Bud further entangles himself in JJ’s affairs, he finds himself framed for murder and faces a choice between his integrity and his aspirations. Capturing the moral dilemmas that emerge from the compromises we make for success, Noah Buschel writes and directs Glass Chin with a distinctive, vibrant style.

Public Screenings:
Tuesday, April 22nd, 5:30pm, AMC Loews Village 7-3, 66 3rd Ave
Saturday, April 26th, 9:00pm, AMC Loews Village 7-1, 66 3rd Ave

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