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“Save The Earth Foundation (STE) hopes the music and meaning of our song and video, ‘Save the Earth Day‘ will resonate in an every day way with all people,” says Neal Pargman, Founder of STE. Thomas Roller, a musician and songwriter spearheaded the collaboration and profits will benefit the research and educational work at the coastal and undersea laboratories of  Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS).

Go to:  to hear and download PSA versions of the song  for radio stations, and to read about STE’s other Earth Day events in the news, titled ‘Save The Earth Foundation Says ‘Every Day is earth Day.”

Disturbing news continues to evolve about ocean acidification. One assessment from the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw in 2013 concluded that acidity will rise 170 percent by the end of this century to drastically impact marine ecosystems, with an almost full scale involvement of all the oceans. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) researchers have found that ocean carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations have increased as much as 65 percent faster than atmospheric CO2 since 1998.

Pargman adds that studies such as these call for a shift in consciousness. “We can choose to honor  our home’s health and to create a culture of understanding with all humanity, but recognizing it once a year will not work. Why shouldn’t the same care go to our earth every day, in the way that Mothers are treated with respect every day, not just on Mother’s Day?”

Visit: to learn about STE’s commitment to restoring an environment where humanity can thrive, devoid of the current climate of harmful uncertainty.

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