Ovation Airs “The Royals” Docu-Series

It’s no secret, people are fascinated with the Royal family. Now Ovationis launching a new documentary series called The Royals. In honor of William and Kate’s wedding anniversary, the series takes viewers on a journey through all facets of British Royal life in all its grandeur, splendor and controversy.

The Royals premieres in the U.S. on Saturday, April 26th at 5PM ET.

Go behind palace gates for an up-close and personal look at how the Royal Family has endured and flourished over the decades. From triumph to tragedy, the series follows the British Royal Family through births, childhoods, weddings, scandals and deaths, and all under the scrutiny of the global public eye. Spanning the period from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation to the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, each episode will cover such topics as Prince Philip’s strict upbringing, Diana’s death in Paris, Queen Elizabeth’s beloved Corgis and Harry’s turbulent youth.

Check your local listings.

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