Obamacare Deadline Is Up: The People Have Spoken


Now that the deadline is over to enroll for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, complaints are still surfacing from those who attempted to use According to reports, the insurance system was on its way to seeing 7 million applicants. President Obama will deliver a statement in the Rose Garden at 4:15 p.m. ET for a follow up.

The original target number set by the Congressional Budget Office was 7 million. By the looks of’s comment forum, a majority of Americans signing up for an insurance plan experienced more obstacles than ease in the process. Here’s the ACA feedback according to the public:

“So I tried and tried to get insurance yesterday and kept getting the page that said leave e-mail and they would get back to me, yah right, still waiting.”

“This has been the worst experiance that I have ever had I have been trying to enroll since 1-14 and still cant get it done…”

“Now people can afford it even less and there are still 40 million that are uninsured.”

But there were some positive notes:

“A GIANT step in the right direction! Thanks President Obama!”

“What a great day in American history! Millions of Americans now have health insurance who could not afford it before or were excluded because of pre-existing conditions.”

Although open enrollment is over, there are still many without insurance plans and thousands who tried to sign-up, but website glitches did not allow them to. Those without insurance from the marketplace must pay a fine. At the end of the day, will the ACA make a more positive or negative imact on the American people?

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