Indie On iTunes: “City Baby” On VOD

Just as twenty-something metropolitan women relate to HBO’s “Girls,” the indie film “City Baby” may strike a chord with lady hipsters currently struggling through the phases of unemployment, the tribulations of dating and the overall search for the meaning of life.

David F. Morgan directs the story of 25 year-old Cloey (Cora Benesh), who easily relies on the financial support of her father (Daniel Baldwin). Fighting through a meaningless relationship with her musician putz of a boyfriend, Cloey quickly realizes she needs a change of scenery and a lot of growing up to do. Meanwhile, her best friend, Paige (Jillian Leigh) is finding herself settling down faster than she expected.

The film’s setting is a wonderful cinematic ode to the city of Portland, Oregon. Director of Photography, Bryce Fortner must be applauded for the aesthetic cinematography. Although the story takes some time to pick up, Benesh is striking to watch throughout, both in her beauty and dramatic performance. Leigh is perfect as the more responsible friend who is equally unsure of her path in life.

“City Baby” is certainly a generational film; fit for those young adults (and even aged adults) constantly asking themselves those key Paul Gauguin questions: “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?”

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