Will New York City Ban Plastic & Paper Bags Too?

Plastic Bag Ban 

New Yorkers could be carrying their tote bags to the grocery store sooner rather than later. Another eco-friendly bill is making its way around City Council to charge a 10-cent fee for the use of paper or plastic bags at stores.

So far the bill has the support of 19 council members. But they need seven more votes in order for it to pass. Back in August of 2013, a similar proposal was introduced but it never received a hearing. 

“New Yorkers use 1 billion disposable, single-use plastic bags every year. It costs the city a lot of money, winds up in trees, clogs up storm drains, and messes up the recycling plants,” said Councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn).

If the bill turns official, who’s bank account will receive the 10-cent fees? The state or the store?

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