SodaStream: What Will They Think Of Next?

After making a grand entrance during the Superbowl, everyone around the world has heard of SodaStream. It is now the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of home beverage carbonation systems, which enables you to easily transform ordinary tap water instantly into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water.

We at LATF have tried it and are sold on it – just like Gene Simmons from KISS. He picked up his SodaStream during a recent silent auction.

For kids, it is a dream come true, in less than 30 seconds it turns tap water into sparkling water! Enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the environment at the same time. That is the main reason why actress Scarlett Johansson agreed to become their global Ambassador.

You can fizz to your taste and add the flavor of your choice to make your favorite drink and there is no clean up. Soda makers offer a highly differentiated and innovative solution to people of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. Cost effective, it promotes health and wellness, and is customizable and fun to use. 

In addition, it eliminates the need to carry bottles home from the supermarket, to store bottles at home or to regularly dispose of empty bottles.

All of SS products are available at more than 60,000 retail stores in 45 countries around the world, including over 15,000 retail stores in the United States. 

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