J/P Haitian Relief Organization Reaches Milestone

Talk about making a difference, J/P HRO has achieved a significant organizational milestone: the successful transition of all the remaining eligible families in the Pétionville and Cite Maxo Camps to durable housing. The Pétionville Camp, combined with the adjoining Cité Maxo Camp, were among the largest post-earthquake displacement settlements, where 60,000 people found refuge. At the onset of the disaster response in January 2010, J/P HRO became official camp manager, developing and implementing extensive services to uphold the standard of living of camp residents. In February 2013, with $4.9 million in funding from the Government of Haiti (BMPAD) and The World Bank, J/P HRO’s Camp and Relocations Management Program provided more than 14,000 people with the funding, support, and resources necessary to make a safe return home to permanent housing.

The process was carried out in collaboration with UCLBP, Haiti’s National Authority for Housing Construction and Public Buildings, and the Delmas community Mayor’s office. “J/P HRO committed to the families in camp four years ago. We’ve stayed by them for the long-term, ensuring the well-being of all and their safe return home,” said Sean Penn, CEO and Founder of J/P HRO. “This accomplishment signals an important step forward in the reconstruction effort in Haiti, yet there remains much work to be done.”

J/P HRO continues to respond to needs on the ground as they evolve, providing essential services and programs to enrich local communities. This includes two health care clinics, a primary school and an education strengthening initiative, a community center offering academic, artistic and athletic activities, livelihood development, and business management training. Engineering and construction projects are building and rehabilitating homes, and continue to remove rubble and debris from city streets.

“We are working to ensure displaced families return to secure neighborhoods that can support them,” says Gary Philoctete, J/P HRO Country Director. “J/P HRO will expand its reach and impact through long-term, sustainable programs to empower residents as they transform their communities.”

J/P HRO will build on the experience and expertise gained in managing the Pétionville Camp. On the national level, more than 90 percent of those initially displaced by the 2010 earthquake have successfully returned home. However, there are still approximately 145,000 people who remain homeless; the organization is currently seeking donor funding to relocate families from other temporary settlements near the Delmas 32 community. Since launching operations nearly four years ago, J/P HRO has become one of the largest and most innovative development organizations working in Haiti. J/P HRO has a staff of nearly 350, 95 percent of which are Haitian.

“J/P HRO remains fully engaged in and committed to the reconstruction effort in Haiti,” added Philoctete. “We call on the international community to continue to support the effort to transition all remaining displaced families to safe communities to rebuild their lives.”           

Key achievements to date:

In 2013, the Medical Team had an average of 9,000 patients visits per month; in total, more than 404,000 patients have been seen and treated since 2010

In the past two years, through new construction and structural reinforcement projects, J/P HRO has ensured safe housing for 428 families

The Delmas 32 Education Revitalization Initiative provides teacher training and resources to positively impact all 6,000 students currently attending school in the community

More than 2,000 community members have been trained in business management

In 2013 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Partners In Health, 4,000 camp residents were vaccinated against cholera, which has greatly contributed to the prevention of a widespread outbreak in the camp and neighboring communities

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