Capital Cities Premieres “Kangaroo Short” On VEVO

Today VEVO premiered “Kangaroo Short” from LATF featured artists, CAPITAL CITIES! The short film was co-directed by Carlos López Estrada (Passion Pit, Goo Goo Dolls, Jesse & Joy) and Capital Cities’ front men Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant, who also teamed up for the band’s “Kangaroo Court” video, which has more than seven million views.  “Kangaroo Short” was scored by Los Angeles based composer John W. Snyder and performed live by an ensemble of local musicians.

“The ‘Kangaroo Court’ video was originally conceived by Ryan and Sebu as a narrative so we were all very interested in the possibility of turning our music video into a lengthier short film,” says Carlos López Estrada. “In order to do so, we had to revisit the footage and re-edit all of the scenes in the video. It was an incredibly challenging task, but it allowed us to explore each scene in detail and incorporate some new footage that hadn’t made the music video cut. It also gave us an opportunity to showcase more of the incredible/ridiculous performances delivered by Shannon Woodward, Darren Criss and all the guys in the band.”

Check out the video above…

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