A 3D Hub For Hollywood Filmmakers

responsible for 3D work on films such as “Man of Steel” and the “Smurfs” sequel is starting construction for its brand new Hollywood hub that will feature a RealD review theater, editorial suites and a fully-loaded technology lab. 

“One of our primary goals behind breaking new ground in LA is to ensure we are easily accessible for creative collaboration with filmmakers and studio clients and this facility will enhance that accessibility,” commented Tom Sinnott, Legend3D Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to office space and meeting rooms, the Legend3D team will leverage the Hollywood hub to host educational events for industry professionals. Executive Producer Matt Akey noted, “This Hollywood facility will truly be a one-stop shop for 3D conversion work, reviews and editorial conform. We’ll be offering seminars to filmmakers and post-production supervisors on ways to enhance shooting for the 3D aesthetic, and on hybrid conversion/native 3D workflows.”

In 2013, Legend3D opened a high-tech 60,000 square-foot facility in Carlsbad, Calif., with the capacity to allow more than 400 artists and creative supervisors to collaborate on projects simultaneously. To ensure seamless project workflow between offices, a 10 gigabit pipe connects the 3D LA hub to Legend3D‘s Carlsbad facility, allowing for secure, real-time transfer of stereo data.

“We’re happy to have a new home base in LA. This will be a collaborative space for our clients and partners to review and refine their vision as a whole, ultimately helping them enhance a project’s artistic appeal to captivate audiences,” said Creative Director and Stereo VFX Supervisor Jared Sandrew.

The leadership team based at the LA hub will include Executive Producer Matt Akey and new Director of Business Development, Stephanie Winslow, who previously worked as a Stereo Production Supervisor at Legendary Pictures.

The Legend3D office is currently under construction, at 1017 Cole Avenue in West Hollywood, with plans to open in March 2014.

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