Who Will Coach The Minnesota Vikings?

Minnesota Vikings

In the world of NFL coaching, there have been a lot of changes. The Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings have fired their coaches. While the first two have made hiring decisions, Minnesota is still interviewing.

According to reports, interviews are scheduled with Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton. As stated by, Minnesota could also be waiting for one of the coaches still involved in the playoffs such as San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

It seems the Vikings haven’t had much luck with sticking to coaches. In recent years, they’ve gone through several people. General Manager, Rick Spielman says “We don’t have ‘a guy.’ I think there’s a lot of potential candidates out there… I don’t think everybody needs to panic [and say], ‘This team already hired a guy. This team already hired a guy. What are the Vikings doing?’ We are going to go through our process and do our due diligence and I think there is enough to potential candidates out there that we will be able to get the guy that we want.”

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