Sochi Olympics: Putin Speaks Out About Discrimination-Free Games

Photo Courtesy of AFP Photo / Alexey Nikolsky

According to Reuters, President Vladimir Putin spoke out on Thursday about the Sochi Olympics 2014. In an effort to ease international concern over Russian law banning gay “propaganda,” the Russian President said that no athlete would face discrimination.

While Putin was involved in the upset last year which signed a law banning the spread of homosexual “propaganda” among minors, on Thursday he stated, “The Olympic Games will be held in full compliance with the Olympic charter, without any discrimination on any basis. Russia will be rooting for its own athletes of course, but we wish success to all the athletes.”

“I am confident the Olympics will bring nations closer together and help strengthen friendship, trust and partnership around the world,” Putin added.

The Sochi Olympics commence on February 7th, 2014.

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