Israel Says Goodbye To Former Prime Minister

Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

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Israel’s former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has passed away. The controversial leader had suffered from a severe stroke in 2006 and underwent abdominal surgery. Unfortunately his condition had worsened in recent months. Sharon was 85 years-old at a hospital near Tel Aviv when he died.

Although Sharon was known as “the Bulldozer” for his aggresive leadership style, in the end he was noted as one of Israel’s greatest leaders. 

Israeli President Shimon Peres said in a statement, “[Sharon] was a brave soldier and a daring leader who loved his nation and his nation loved him. — He was one of Israel’s great protectors and most important architects, who knew no fear and certainly never feared vision. He knew how to take difficult decisions and implement them.”

Before leading Israel, Sharon served in the Army as a commander. During his time as Prime Minister, some blamed Sharon for the massacres by Israel’s Lebanese allies of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in 1982, as well as previous attack in Jordan. But his intention was to create a greater Israel. In the end, he helped conquer Israeli settlement of land from Jordan and Egypt.

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