Epson Unveils A Label Printer For Smartphones & Tablets

EpsonEpson LabelWorksLW-600P introduces a new one-of-a-kind label printer for smartphones and tablets in the new year that gives users the ability to make an endless variety of both practical and creative labels for the home or workplace.


The LabelWorks LW-600P is one of the smallest and lightest 24mm (~1″) label printers on the market today with a powerful set of capabilities and features, including:


Bluetooth® connectivity for use with smart phones and tablets

USB connectivity for printing from Windows and Mac computers

Print speeds up to 15mm/s at 180dpi for fast printing of labels

Tape widths of 6mm (~1/4″) to 24mm (~1″) for maximum versatility

Battery-powered operation for portability and mobility

AC power (adapter included) to allow the LW-600P to be always on and ready


For iOS® and Android device users, the free Epson iLabel app takes full advantage of the capabilities of their smart phones and tablets to offer features never before available with traditional label makers, such as:


  • “True-view” label preview capability using the camera function to ensure labels perfectly match what’s on the screen
  • Handwriting mode for custom drawing or annotation of labels using the touch screen interface
  • Speech-to-text voice transcription and printing
  • In-app storage of created label for future use
  • Import of custom graphics such as symbols, logos and photographs to copy & paste onto labels for a more professional look or to add a personalized touch
  • Creation of QR code labels for content sharing or barcode labels for inventory management which can be scanned by third-party QR/barcode apps


With a wide variety of tape options, the LabelWorks LW-600P opens up a world of label-making possibilities that go beyond simply adhesive labels for organization, including:


  • Personalized ribbons and decorative stickers for party favors, gifts, hair decorations, ornaments, flower arrangements and more
  • Iron-on labels for uniforms, backpacks, shoes and any type of cloth-based products
  • Glow-in-the-dark labels for light switches, emergency flashlights and supplies
  • Reflective labels for jackets, helmets, bicycles and any item that may benefit from labels with reflective visibility

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