Brooke Burke Spreads The Good Energy Word With Quaker Oats At Sundance 2014

In the morning on a cold winter day, there is nothing better than a bowl of warm sweet oatmeal. Thanks to Quaker Oats, VIP attendees and special guests at Sundance Film Festival 2014 could step in from outside and get some comfort food. Quaker Oats set up the Good Energy Lodge on Main Street in Park City, Utah. They teamed up with GenArt, Twitter, Gibson and SouthWest Airlines to bring the ultimate winter sanctuary.

Fireplaces, a custom oatmeal bar, snack and hot drinks… there’s nothing better. They provided a panel series, The Beatles’ artwork, free wifi and a chance to walk away with a Gibson Guitar. Brooke Burke partnered with Quaker Oats and is a big supporter of health conscious foods and ways to create natural energy. On collaborating with Quaker, Brooke told LATF,Quaker approached me and they’ve been in my family for years. It was an easy organic fit for me.”

If there’s anyone who can speak on good fitness and health, it’s Brooke, “It’s about good fuel, putting the right things in your body. Sustaining that energy all day long. Start with something healthy in the morning like Quaker oats. It’s the key. We all want more time, but we can’t have that. We can get more energy.”

She had the Sundance glow, telling us that “Independent films are special because you put your heart and soul into it. It’s not just a highered job. It’s meaningful, I like that energy.”

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