The Future Of 3D Cinema On Your Tablet

3DtabletLooking to buy a tablet this holiday season? Hammacher Schlemmer has an innovative option: a glasses-free 3D tablet. The company claims this is the only tablet on the market that displays 3D movies and images without those pesky glasses. Playback automatically distinguishes between 3D and 2D content; it can even convert 2D material for a 3D-like effect. The technology uses a parallax barrier over its LCD screen, which displays a different set of pixels for each eye, fooling your mind that the image you are looking at has a depth of field. Allegedly, this technology won’t cause any discomfort to your eyes when you view content in 3D. 

 The 3D tablet packs 16 GB of internal storage, an SD card slot for up to 32 GB of even more storage, and support for USB flash drives and Bluetooth, with an 8-in LCD screen.

Price: $349.95

Available for immediate shipment:

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