“Somewhere Slow” Hits The Silver Screen This January

Logolite Entertainment and Screen Media Films will be releasing SOMEWHERE SLOW in select theaters and VOD/iTunes on January 31, 2014. The film stars LATF The Magazine’s feature actor, Graham Patrick Martin and follows Anna Thompson, played by former GLEE star Jessalyn Gilsig, whom after witnessing a fatal convenience store robbery, leaves behind her unfulfilled relationships with her husband and mother for the unknown. Along the way, she is joined by Travis, a teenage drifter with his own tainted past.
In this new role, Gilsig departs from being the badgering Glee club director’s wife Terri Schuester (whose crazy and irrational demeanor we all loved to hate) and transforms into her most vulnerable, yet powerful, performance yet. Also starring Academy Award nominees, Lindsay Crouse (“Places in the Heart”) and Robert Forster (“Jackie Brown”), SOMEWHERE SLOW is a compelling and relevant look into life’s complexities and the power of camaraderie and solace for self-discovery.

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