Piranha’s Attack In Argentina Leaving 70 Injured

PiranhaPiranha the movie came to life when a school of flesh-eating fish attacked hundreds of people in Argentina off a river near the city of Rosario. At least 70 have are being treated in local clinics and emergency rooms.

The fish is called a palometa, which is a type of piranha. Hundreds were simply seeking the cool water in 100 degree weather on Christmas Day. But sun bathing soon turned into a bloody attack. Fish against human. Gustavo Centurion, a medical official told Latin Times newspaper, “There were some people that the fish literally had torn bits of flesh from.”

Reports say that a 7-year-old girl lost a finger to the fish, and dozens of people suffered serious bites to their extremities.

Piranhas are found in the rivers of South America and in the Amazon River basin. 

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