Lisa Marie Presley Live From Graceland

Sitting in a chair, lights and cameras pointed at her, Lisa Marie Presley involuntarily twitches when a soundman’s boom microphone accidentally hits the ornate chandelier hanging overhead, just outside camera range. She is sitting dead center, smack in the heart of Graceland — and however controlled, is giving off the vibe of a teenager whose parents went away for the weekend and now an unexpected mob of party guests are clumsily, but methodically, wrecking her house. History is in the making as Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley — on the premises this very day, no less — gives her first-ever performance, with full band, in Graceland’s fabulously atmospheric Jungle Room. To the rest of the world, it is part of a national historic landmark. For Lisa Marie? “It was best known for being a TV room when I was growing up,” says she, “a television with projection screens. I would watch TV in there a lot, to be honest — that was my little room. I had the big round chair that I would just jump around and sleep in. And my father watched TV in there as well.” So today Lisa Marie and band are giving a sampling of her most recent album, “Storm & Grace” — her third set, produced by acclaimed Grammy and Oscar winner T Bone Burnett, and by far the best and most natural sounding of her career. Not a pop play, and not a retro-rock nostalgia-fest, the album offers up tasteful arrangements, some surprisingly subtle songs, and Lisa’s compellingly husky, sensual vocals: Sort of what genetics dictates you’d get when you cross her mom and pop.

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