Celebrity Hair Stylist Tina Cassaday Brings Light To London’s Centrepoint Charity

Prince William and Tina Cassaday Winter Gala 2013Every year, celebrity hair stylist Tina Cassaday lends a helping hand to the leading youth homeless charity Centrepoint in London.

HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge is patron of the charity, which supports 6,000 homeless young people aged 16-25 in the UK each year. Tina crossed the pond for the Buckingham Palace’s Winter Gala with Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift, making her annual visit with the young adults of Centrepoint.

John Raynham, Head of Funding at Centrepoint said, “We can’t thank Tina enough for her continuing support. Not only has she helped to ensure the success of Centrepoint’s largest fundraiser, The Winter Whites Gala, she has visited the young people in our hostels, donating her time and talent directly to them. Experiencing homelessness can leave a young person’s confidence at rock bottom and mean they are without the motivation to grab new opportunities around work or education. A styling session with a professional of Tina’s calibre isn’t something a young person staying with us could afford and it can really help to boost a young person’s self esteem. The young people we support are more vulnerable and have lived through difficult and sometimes dangerous experiences, but at the core they are no different to their peers, they want to look and feel good.  We’re very grateful to Tina and hope to see her again soon.”  Tina Cassaday and Centrepoint youth

Centrepoint provides vulnerable young people not only with a safe place to stay for up to two years, but also vital support in accessing education, finding work and learning the life skills needed to live independently. Tina Cassaday is based in Beverly Hills and renowned for her all-natural Banana Banana conditioner. For more info visit: or

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