Will An Asteroid Strike Earth?

AsteroidAsteroid illustration by NASA

Reports on Thursday posed the question of whether there is a chance a 1,200 foot asteroid could hit Earth in less than 20 years. If our planet was a target, the force of an asteroid could be as powerful as a few thousand atomic bombs.

Luckily, NASA appeased the space accusations. As reported by CNN, ‘the most dangerous known asteroids don’t really pose much of a threat. And there are very few of them.’ Ukrainian astronomers discovered this particular asteroid and named her 2013 TV135. The chances the enormous asteroid will collide with Earth are slim. Astronomers say the asteroid will buzz back around Earth’s vicinity around August 26, 2032.

The Ukranian astronomers said they discovered the asteroid was approaching Earth at a potentially dangerous trajectory, RIA Novosti reported. They calculated the potential collision date — with a force as powerful as two thousand atomic bombs — but acknowledged that the odds of an impact are 1 in 63,000.

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