SparX Your Halloween With Something Sweet & Healthy

Sparx candyTis the season to stuff your face with candy. No doubt you are tempted by the office candy bowl overflowing with chocolate. If you have kids, we bet you’re sneaking a handful of Kit-Kats and Snickers on Halloween night. Luckily, LATF has discovered a guilt free candy that’s both deliciously sweet and sugar free! It’s called SparX. It’s not everyday you find a sugar free candy and it actually tastes good. Well, we can vouch for SparX candy pebbles.

These tiny bite-size fruit-flavored candies are a new sugar-free candy line sweetened exclusively with all-natural xylitol. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener derived from corn cobs, birch trees and other natural sources, and is similar to sugar in taste and texture, but with unique health benefits not found in other sweeteners. Xylitol contains 40 percent fewer calories than sugar, has a net carb level of only 0.4 per gram, and has minimal impact on blood-sugar levels, making it an appropriate sugar substitute for diabetics. Xylitol is absorbed slowly by the body, resulting in a low glycemic index of seven compared to sugars index of 83 (or higher). 

SparX Candy made by Xlear, Inc. (pronounced “clear,” the leading manufacturer of xylitol based products in the United States, is just what health conscious parents have been craving — a sweet, healthy treat that does not taste like a diet snack. With children consuming more sugar than ever before, there has been an alarming increase in a variety of related ailments; from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes. With this in mind, Xlear has developed a candy line that parents and health professionals will actually want children to eat.

One of the primary benefits of xylitol and SparX Candy is the effects it has on the bacteria that create cavities. When exposed to as little as 15 grams of xylitol a day, the bacteria in the mouth lose their ability to stick to teeth and form plaque. Studies have proven that when combined with regular dental hygiene, regular use of xylitol gums, mints and candy can reduce dental cavities by as much as 80%. While all of these benefits are great, the fact is, kids and adults will not be able to tell the difference between SparX Candy and sugar-sweetened candy!

This fall, Xlear will be offering their award winning SparX Candy in a special Halloween Bag; ideal for trick-or-treaters of all ages. Each bag will contain 30 individually sealed packets of SparX in a variety of natural fruit flavors, retailing for only $7.49. Xlear’s SparX Halloween Bags can be purchased online at, and in stores nationwide at all Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods locations.


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