Combine Your Senses With Alexandre Renoir & Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Alexandre Renoir LATF USAAlexandre Renoir at Galerie Michael – Photo by LATF USA

Art history aficionados, did you know that the famous French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir has a grandson? Not only is Alexandre Renoir an equally talented painter and overall artist, but he resides in Southern California. His paintings filled with vibrant and rich colors are currently exhibiting at Galerie Michael of Beverly Hills. This is an exhibit not to miss. Even surrounded by artwork from Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, Chagall and more – Renoir’s landscape and floral pieces stand-out. To celebrate this outstanding exhibit, the gallery presents, MasterCard® Priceless® LA on November 14th, 2013 – highlighting French culture with an integrated showcase of fine dining and intricate artwork. 

Chef LudoCardholders can reserve a space now for an exclusive food and art interactive experience featuring Chef Ludo Lefebvre of the hot new restaurant Trois Mec and Alexandre Renoir, great grandson of the famous French artist.  The two classically trained masters will join together for a live demonstration that will awaken the senses with wonderful tastes and beautiful scenes.

This Priceless Event Includes:

Interactive cooking demonstration by Chef Ludo Lefebvre and painting demonstration by Alexandre Renoir

Dinner of small bites by Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Art on display by Alexandre Renior

Wine and additional refreshments

Photo opportunities and a special gift

The art on display by Alexandre Renior will be for sale with an exclusive MasterCard savings of 10%.

Visit  for further information.

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