Who Was Aaron Alexis?

Aaron AlexisWashington D.C. Navy Yard killer Aaron Alexis definitely has a murky past, and today, CNN has concluded that he left a clear and continuous trail of red flags for close to a decade.

In 2004, Alexis was arrested for shooting out the tires to a Honda Accord while living in Seattle. He was subsequently arrested and charged with malicious mischief. 

Again, in 2008, police divulged that the man was arrested outside of a D.C. nightclub for disorderly conduct. 

But most importantly, in 2011 Alexis was honorably discharged from the Navy after accumulating eight instances of misconduct during his time in the service. 

While these clues may pale in comparison to Monday’s shootings, they provide enough reason to question why the man was given high level clearance to the Navy Yard. 


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