Syria: US Reveals Evidence Of Sarin Gas

Syria Sarin GasThe United States has evidence that sarin gas was used in the chemical weapons attack against innocent Syrian civilians.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry said on Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” “I don’t believe that my former colleagues in the United States Senate and the House will turn their backs on all of our interests, on the credibility of our country, on the norm with respect to the enforcement of the prohibition against the use of chemical weapons.”

As reported by the LA Times, Kerry said that hair and blood samples on first responders in East Damascus “tested positive for signatures of sarin,” information that just came to light “in the last 24 hours.”

“We are saying that the high confidence that the intelligence community has expressed and the case that I laid out the other day is growing stronger by the day. We know where this attack came from. We know exactly where it went. We know what happened exactly afterwards,” he said. “I think this is a very powerful case and the president is confident that as that case is presented to the United States Congress and the American people, people will recognize that the world cannot stand aside and allow an Assad or anybody else to break an almost 100-year-old acceptance. These weapons are not to be used.”

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