Navy Shooting Rampage

Navy yard shooting

12 people reported dead. 3 hospitalized expected to live. The single shooter has been identified as 34 year-old IT contractor, Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth. Yet another gunman- and perhaps more than one- have opened fire, causing chaos and harm to innocent people. At least one gunman started shooting at the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C, this morning. According to authorities, several people have been killed and others injured, including one of the shooting suspect. At a preliminary press conference, the police chief said there are “potentially two other shooters.” They do have information that the suspects are wearing military uniforms.

According to the Chicago Tribune, one hospital received three shooting victims — a man and two women. The man is a D.C. police officer, said Janis Orlowski of Medstar Washington Hospital Center. She said all three victims were alert and speaking. She said their chances of survival were “very good.”

Orlowski said it was a “very fluid situation” and more shooting victims would be coming to Medstar.

She said there were other shooting victims at the Navy Yard who would not be transported to hospitals because they are “deceased.” She did not have a number of the fatalities.

The weapon or weapon(s) used “had to be semi-automatic,” according to Orlowski. The gunfire was described as ‘rapid.’

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