Introducing The “Super Size Me” App

supersizemeFilmmaker Morgan Spurlock (One Direction: This Is Us and Super Size Me) continues his mission to raise awareness about what we eat with the new interactive Super Size Me: What Are We Eating?’ App available for iOS devices beginning September 17, 2013.

With this special app, consumers have instant and GPS -aware access to restaurant nutritional information presented by Ron English’s beloved character, MC Supersized. ‘Super Size Me: What Are We Eating’ automatically detects the nearest restaurants and exposes nutrition facts from a large and growing community database of menus from America’s best-known chains. 

In addition to location-based menu guidance, the application allows users to use quick indexes to view daily value percentages, facts, and nutritional advisories for tens of thousands of menu items, streamlining access to health information. Requests can be submitted for additional restaurants or menu items to be added to the ‘Super Size Me: What Are We Eating’ database.

‘Super Size Me: What Are We Eating?’ is available in the iTunes App Store beginning September 17, 2013.

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