GQ Reveals “The 20 Worst Sports Franchises Of All Time”


GQ has revealed its list of  “The 20 Worst Sports Franchises of All Time” in its October 2013 issue, on newsstands now. For the list, GQ considered any and all professional sports franchises—currently active or not—and identifies the top twenty most inventively awful, disappointing, and frustrating teams in sports history.

From the disgraceful Los Angeles Clippers (#4) to the self-destructive New York Jets (#6) to the historically helpless Philadelphia Phillies (#14), the teams on GQ‘s list are ones that have caused or continue to cause their fans the most agony.

Topping the list is every sports franchise based in Cleveland, a city which—between the Browns, the Indians, and the Cavaliers. 

The “20 Worst Sports Franchises of All Time,” as selected by GQ, are:

1. Every Cleveland Sports Franchise

11. Phoenix Coyotes


2. Detroit Lions

12. New York Mets


3. Chicago Cubs

13. Washington Federals


4. Los Angeles Clippers

14. Philadelphia Phillies


5. Charlotte Bobcats

15. Toronto Raptors


6. New York Jets

16. Toronto Maple Leafs


7. Kansas City Royals

17. Buffalo Bills


8. Providence Steam Rollers

18. Pittsburgh Pirates


9. Indianapolis Racers

19. Arizona Cardinals


10. Detroit Wheels

20. St. Louis Blues



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