Goodbye To “Go See Cal” Worthington

In Southern California and even all around the country, Cal Worthington became a known name. Not for Hollywood fame, but for his vibrant character as a car dealership owner. He was one of the nation’s best-known auto dealers. Worthington passed away at the age of 92 at his Big W Ranch near Sacramento.

Standing on top of a flying jet, holding a baby octopus or riding on a whale – Worthington’s TV advertising stood out among the dull dealership commercials.

According to USA Today, Worthington was among the last who came up with ways of attracting attention beyond showing pictures of cars with prices (although the tradition continues in Los Angeles, where Worthington made his name, with dealers’ Spanish-language TV ads).

Towering more than 6-feet, 4-inches in his trademark cowboy hat, Worthington promised to “stand on my head to make you a deal,” a claim he would back up by demonstrating on a car hood. He was always showing off “my dog Spot.” Spot was a tiger, lion, gorilla, hippo (which he rode on the back of) or any other animal other than a dog. Even his voice was instantly recognizable because of his Oklahoma twang. Banjo music with his “Go see Cal! Go see Cal!” refrain always played in the background and will never be forgotten.


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