Decision Deadline: Will The Government Shut Down?

ObamacareCongress and President Obama are facing off in another supreme spending showdown. If they don’t agree on a funding bill by the end of Monday September 30th, much of government will shutdown. The last time this happened was in 2011 – but Congress avoided a shutdown by passing a spending measure just after the midnight deadline.

We have now reached the less than 48 hour mark before the possible shutdown of the federal government. This all comes down to whether or not Obamacare will go through. House Republicans approved a spending plan early Sunday morning that would delay Obamacare for a year and repeal its tax on medical devices.

The temporary budget resolution now goes back to the Senate, where Democrats have consistently said any changes to President Barack Obama’s signature health care law would be a deal-killer. Obama has already issued a veto threat.

At this point, there are no plans for the Senate to meet before Monday, which is the day the current fiscal year ends. 

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