A French Fries Vending Machine Exists

French Fries BeyondteForget grabbing a bag of Cheez-Its or Doritos on your break… Let’s get real here. A company called BEYONDTE has invented an innovative machine: the French Fries vending machine.Yes – French Fries from a vending machine.

Richard Jiang, sales manager of BEYONDTE, says they have been designing this machine since 2008, and that it took them around five years and millions of dollars to develop the machine. Both vegetable oil and beef fat can be used to cook French fries using the machine, which also provides three sauce options.

The machine was tested in Chaussee de Gand-Steenweg op Gent, Brussels, Belgium in August 2013 by a distributor of BEYONDTE. Also, customers in Croatia, Iran and Chile have purchased machines from BEYONDTE that have had a great impact in the market.Now, the company is looking for big venture capital to deploy their global strategy.

In Belgium, one can purchase a 135g portion of fries cooked in beef fat from the machine for 2.5 euros. The machine can also be set to serve 150g portions.

Since 1992, many companies have tried to develop such a machine, as potato chips are a popular food around the world, with a huge market. Now, hungry customers can enjoy fresh, hot French fries from this machine after inserting their coins or bills and waiting just 90 seconds.

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