Syria: Another Attack On the Innocent

Syria Napalm Burn StudentsVideo footage has surfaced from BBC Panorama which reveals a possible fighter jet dropping an incendiary device on school children. At least ten people have died. Hospital beds are filled with victims of Napalm-like burns who speak of an attack where a plane apparenty dropped an incendiary bomb on Syrian students. Napalm is a mixture of a thickening/gelling agent and petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device.

The video is said to be from the town of Urum al Kubra; showing a reported school teacher who says the students were attacked as they tried to escape. 

“The plane hit a residential area in Urum al Kubra,” he explains. “We tried to get out quickly so we don’t get hurt, but it seems someone’s fate caught up with them today.”

The video, posted on the internet, is said to have come from an account associated with a rebel group in Aleppo.

In another video, a doctor reports seven deaths and 50 injuries – and says the burns resembled Napalm injuries.

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