Samantha Haas Saved These Puppies’ Lives


Samantha Haas, founder and president of WagAware, LLC. is a hero! Her courageous effort to save 4 puppies from a homeless man in a sealed tupperware bin has gone viral. Along with her friend Annie Hart of The Bill Foundation they were able to save theses puppies after a bus chase and much negotiating with the homeless man.

Launched in July 2013, WagAware, LLC sells the first and only charm to promote dog rescue and adoption: the WagAware Ambassador Charm. The charm can be worn on a pet’s collar or a keychain and an unprecedented 50% of company profits are donatd to dog rescue charities. WagAware’s goal is to be a sustainable pet products company whose charitable mission is to raise substantial awareness and funds to help dogs in need and, ultimately, to help reduce the mass euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs in the US every year. 

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