Backstreet’s Back: Kicking Off Their Tour At The Grove

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Their 1997 hit song couldn't have said it better… "Backstreet's Back!" The crowd at The Grove LA on Wednesday night proved it. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the release of their new album, "In A World Like This" and kicking off their tour; the 90's boy band is back in a big way.

Girls of all ages, from 16 to 30 years-old packed the cobblestone roads at The Grove for their Summer Concert series with the reunited boy band made up of A.J., Howie, Nick, Kevin and Brian. The boys, or should I say grown men, are back together since Kevin (Richardson) announced his departure from the group in 2006. After leaving their longtime label, Jive Records – they've recorded their latest album on their own record label, K-BAHN.

Call it crazy, call it girly, call it whatever you like… this group is still talented. Despite some sound issues, they still have their voices and the moves. The Backstreet Boys jumped on stage in their mostly black attire, opening up with some of their new tracks. As expected, all are catchy and up lifting. While the crowd was constantly cheering, it was the group's older hits that really got them roaring. This short performance was just a sweet taste of what their national tour will bring. Their new song, "One Phone Call" is just as easy to sing along to as Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Brian and Nick took to their acoustic guitars to serenade the audience with a new tribute song to victim's of bullying with "Madeleine." But as much as the old and new Backstreet Boys fans love their latest single, "In A World Like This," it's their 90's chart toppers that made the night. All five members stuck to the original choreography when they sang "I Want It That Way." The audience was swaying their hands in the air, singing along to every lyric.

The boys (sorry, men) couldn't have ended the night on a better note than with their #1 jam "Everybody" aka "Backstreet's Back." One could feel the pop boy band energy in the air.

No doubt, the Backstreet Boys have kept their original fans and are gaining more from the new generation.

By Pamela Price

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