Back To School Gadgets: Your Very Own Power Robot

Andra powered by Gen phone charger

Robots are in, let’s face it. And even better if they fit in the palm of your hand. LATF discovered a universal Android phone charger so adorable, we didn’t think charging your phone could look this good. Meet Andra from Gen. She’s pretty, she’s pink and she’s full of power. 

AndraAndra is the ultimate USB charging device for just $25.00. It’s as easy as plugging Andra into the wall. Connect her wire to your Android phone and her eyes light up from black to bright green. Andra knows when your device has reached its charging capacity as she goes into stand-by mode. With her pink body, moveable arms, flexible antennae, a soft matte finish, her own stand, cable, and measures 2.5 inches tall, she’s the perfect desk or travel companion.


-Moveable arms and flexible antennae
-Light-up eyes (Green: charging; White: Standby)
-Soft matte finish
-Comes with her own stand and cable
-Conveniently small at 2.5 inches tall
Input: 120~240V AC
Output: 5V/1A DC
Very low standby power
Level V efficiency
1.2m Micro-USB datacable
If pink isn’t your color. Andra has friends, from Andru to Andru (Chill) and Andru (Dark). Check it out at

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