NSA’s Edward Snowden Leaks: What Is The Point?

Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden continues to dig himself a deeper hole. Snowden is the man who claims to be behind a number of top secret information leaks from the National Security Agency. He just keeps talking. According to UK’s The Guardian, ‘Snowden initially violated his oath to safeguard the national security secrets entrusted to him by revealing NSA programs arguably affecting the privacy of US citizens.

The second wave of leaks, however, involved purported American cyber-intelligence activities globally and against China. Snowden claimed there were more than 61,000 US hacking operations globally, with hundreds of them directed at China and Hong Kong, and implied the existence of numerous other activities to surveil and counter Beijing’s growing cyber-warfare capabilities.’

The 29-year-old now says, “I have had no contact with the Chinese government. I only work with journalists.” 

According to an ABC News report last week, U.S. officials were concerned Snowden could attempt to defect to China with a trove of America’s most sensitive secrets as The Guardian had said he fled to Hong Kong from his Hawaii home late last month with four laptops, and a head, full of inside information on U.S. programs.

What more does Snowden have to reveal and what is the point of this ongoing leak of ‘facts’? Time will tell.


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