Looking for Volume? Pureology Has The Formula

PureologyPureology has reformulated its Pure Volume system with the addition of NEW Instant Levitation Mist, a breakthrough heat-protective spray that weightlessly elevates fine colour-treated hair for 24 hours of magnificent volume.

The new Pure Volume system has lighter-weight formulas that maximize volume for fine, colour-treated hair. It features Pureology’s AntiFadeComplex® to neutralize free radical damage and maximize colour retention.  All four products deliver long-lasting volume through a 3-prong approach to maximizing volume:

Weightlessly cleanse and elevate fine colour-treated hair with this concentrated volumizing shampoo. ZeroSulfate formula with the exclusive AntiFadeComplex

Feather-light conditioning formula replenishes hair and magnifies volume.

Formulated with fortifying wheat protein and eucalyptus to ease blow-drying while infusing hair with extra volume.

Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo $27.00 (8.5oz)
Pureology Pure Volume Condition $29.00 (8.5oz)
NEW! Pureology Pure Volume Instant Levitation Mist $26.00 (5 oz.)
Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier $22.00 (8.5 oz.

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