Komplete Shake Changes The Health Drink Game

Komplete Shake

OK, I will admit that I’m not always the healthiest person – so when it comes to trying anything Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free; I’m always a little hesitant. But, we live in Los Angeles and being surrounded by health enthusiasts… I needed to get with the program. Enter, Komplete shake from Kate Farms. I’ve tried meal replacement drinks in the past and while most are bland, Komplete is the tastiest I’ve ever had. It comes in three flavors: Cocoa Fudge, Vanilla Bliss and Jav’a Latte. For the chocolate lovers, I recommend the Cocoa Fudge. It’s a smooth malt-milk consistency with a taste similar to a malt shake. While the taste is great, the ingredients are the most impressive.

Komplete shakes are soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, made with organic rice protein! It is Non-GMO with organic ingredients and 21 superfoods. What are GMOs and Superfoods, you ask? Genetically Modified foods are created when the DNA of one organism is spliced and combined with another organism, thus creating a genetic mutation. GMOs have been shown to cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment. In recent studies, GMOs in foods have been attributed to the rapidly declining health of Americans. What’s more, food labels do not have to disclose the presence of GMOs! Understandably, many people are seeking out foods that are Non-GMO. A superfood is a whole food, or a food that has been minimally processed to maintain its nutritional value. Consumption of superfoods has been shown to lower cholesterol, help maintain a healthy body weight, combat heart disease, and provide powerful antioxidants that help keep the body healthy.

In a world where many people have switched to gluten-free diets, Komplete shake is the answer to those looking for something with the right ingredients and a sweet taste. If you’ve been searching for a delicious meal replacement shake, you’ve tried them all and you’re about to give up… Komplete shake is the one.

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