Tornadoes Continue To Devastate Oklahoma

Tornado damage

A tornado tore through the Oklahoma City area killing at least 51 people, including some children. The storm destroyed two elementary schools. At one point the tornado was estimated to be at least 2 miles wide, crushing cars and devastating homes down to their foundations.

David Barnes, the director of Oklahoma Emergency Management in Oklahoma County, told ABC News that a single twister tore through homes from Newcastle to Moore, a path of 12 miles. The damage was “widespread” and people’s homes were completely destroyed, all the way to their foundations, he said.

“It is absolutely devastating, this is horrific,” Oklahoma Lt. Gov Todd Lamb said. “We’re going to have fatalities. … We’re going to have significant injuries. … We just don’t know what those numbers are. Schools have been hit, a hospital has been hit, businesses have been flattened, neighborhoods have been wiped away — we don’t have the numbers in yet but it is going to be significant and it is going to be horrific.”

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