Tech For Pets: Sony Has Thought Of Everything

Sony has taken technology to another level! The new Sony K9 4K TV provides the perfect entertainment experience for any DOG. That’s right, a dog. No, but really… It features a crystal clear display that maximizes the use of blue and yellow tones without red and green tones in order to make it easier for dogs to view their favorite content in full 4K resolution.

The TV is designed to attach to most dog baskets and comes with an easy-to-use, paw-friendly remote control that features just two buttons – one for “play” and another for “Skype” so that dogs can interact with their owners in real time. The TV’s audio system also boasts a new Dog Enabled Frequency (DEF) with a special 54.2 channel surround sound which is tuned to dogs’ levels of hearing so that they can hear what their owners are saying more clearly.

Nice marketing tool Sony. Our pets are our soft spot.


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