South Korea Seeks Permission For Nuclear Fuel Production

Earlier this week, North Korea announced that they were opening a reactor complex, which is used to harvest weapons-grade plutonium. In response to their expansion of atomic-weapons capability, South Korea’s government is asking Washington for permission to produce its own nuclear fuel.

South Korea’s government has stated to the U.S. that they do not have intentions of developing the ability to build nuclear weapons. A senior government official in Seoul said, “This government has no intention at all of pursuing nuclear capabilities in terms of weapons.”

Naturally, South Korea’s request has raised concerns from American lawmakers. If they have the ability to reprocess spent nuclear-reactor fuel this is a link to key technologies, which can produce the fissile materials for a bomb.

According to officials, the U.S. and South Korea are seeking to conclude the renegotiation of a 1972 nuclear-cooperation pact under which the U.S. provides Seoul with nuclear fuel and technology. This should take place as early as next month.



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