“Someday” Julian Lennon’s New Single

Julian Lennon released his new single “Someday” on his 50th birthday, April 8th, 2013 featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. “Someday” is an irresistible Julian composition built around compelling lyrics and stately strings. Julian Lennon has marked his half-century with an immediate pop hit with a mystical Eastern flavor; this track truly feels like an old friend. He commented: “2013 highlights another year of inspiration for me, in regards to music, photography and philanthropy, and ‘Someday’ is a reflection of that.”
“Someday” will be the debut single from his new album “Everything Changes.” The track has a timeless message: “We’re all in it together One love, now and forever.” While recording in Los Angeles, Julian and Steven fast became friends and ended up trading vocals on their respective albums. “Someday,” while proudly contemporary, is a bold nod to his lineage, it represents years of experience, learning and his innate understanding of melody, lyrics and empathy. Watch here at LATF USA.

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