These People Should Be Jailed. Let The Seals Be.

The above video is disturbing surveillance footage of two women harassing seals on a San Diego Beach.This horrifying evidence of animal cruelty has caused an upset between wildlife advocates and the insensitive humans who actually believe the beach belongs to them only. On Tuesday, San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner made a smart move; placing the prime stretch of beach inhabited by more than 200 harbor seals off-limits to the public between sunset and dawn.

What officials need to look into further now is how these women should be punished for their treatment towards the marine mammals who, in fact, are simply living in their natural habitat. The truth is, there are countless beaches and coves where people can get their sun tan and watch their kids build sand castles. Pick up your towels and move to another beach. Technically, they’re the one’s invading the seals’ property which belongs to them, according to Mother Nature. People who hurt animals of all walks of life need to be properly reprimanded.


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